Note: The following is just a repeat of the text in the above module in case images aren't functioning. is the evolution of (and the replacement for) Back in the late '90s, in the relatively early days of the Internet, an enthusiast named Tim Hoffman created a site on GeoCities under the name Sterling Central. The site was virtually the only one of its kind, and Tim had done an admirable job of collecting together a significant handful of photos plus a good general breakdown of the history of the car, etc. The site became perhaps THE authority on Sterlings at the time. One day, for reasons that aren't known, the site was abandoned and went offline. During that moment, another young enthusiast named Rick Rickert picked up the ball, realizing what a precious resource the site had come to represent, and was able to piece together the site pretty much as it stands today under the stand-alone domain name of Eventually Rick's adventures took him out of the country and away from the Sterling community in general. But before he left, he passed on the keys to the site to another young enthusiast who was building his first Sterling and was himself mildly obsessed with the history and linage of the car -- me. :) Over the years I have continued to avidly collect information and work on potential updates in the background, but I had not gone live with any of them until now. SterlingKitCars is an alternate name I had reserved in 2003 when we thought we'd lost the name "SterlingCentral." is the evolution of SterlingCentral (which will still be archived for posterity).


Although continued to exist to fill a gap, it is true that the site was essentially totally static and dormant for many years. During these years, an enthusiast named Rick Milne realized that there was no resource that was keeping track of the remaining Sterlings or tying the community together. There was no club. There were no newsletters similar to the Sterling "Rap Sheets" of the late '70s which were such an important resource for builders to share ideas and swap hints and tricks. For which we should all thank him and applaud him, Rick single-handedly started the National Sterling Owner's Association and its site, In doing so, he helped to tie together and energize the Sterling/Sebring/Cimbria community in ways that hadn't been seen in 20 years. (For that matter, he was the first any only site/club to tie enthusiasts of all of the sister cars together in one place at one time in a beautifully inclusive manner. Thank you Rick Milne! Sincerely.) When Rick and I talked recently (spring 2009) about possible niches for the updated SterlingCentral/SterlingKitCars site, we both agreed that NationalSterling and SterlingKitCars each had its own unique strengths. Our hope and plan is to have the sites exist as interconnected sister-sites so we'll all happily benefit from the synergy. is the official company website for Sterling Sports Cars, LLC, the sole manufacturer in the world for Sterling bodies, chassis, and replacement parts. Sterling Sports Cars (the site and the company) is owned by a very likable fellow named Dave Aliberti who bought the molds and the rights to take over production of the Sterling in 2005. As the story goes, he had always been a car enthusiast, and he is a gifted fabricator/designer by trade. So when a Sterling came up for sale near his home in Pittsburgh, PA, he couldn't help but to get it. Fast forwarding a year or so, Dave liked the design/history/opportunity/ongoing saga of the Sterling so much that he broke open his piggy bank and bought the production rights to the whole kit-and-caboodle. Since taking over, he has not only revived the supply of replacement parts but has done wonders with developing multiple options for modern chassis that take the Sterling to the level of an absolute supercar. Dave's contributions have been VERY good to our hobby. Go to his site and buy something today. (Parenthetically, I lived in Pittsburgh for a while, too. I didn't know Dave then, but I knew of that Sterling for sale and almost bought it for parts. Wow! Thank God I didn't.) has no formal connection with except that they both celebrate the same cars. Dave's site is AWESOME. Check it out. was the creative work of Nova enthusiast Steve Cook. For many years, Nova International was the mack daddy of all websites for the Nova/Sterling/ Eureka/Eagle/Sebring/Cimbria/etc. This site had history, tutorials, technical specifications, archived magazine articles and builder's manual plus the largest archive of photos of all of the above cars as has ever been seen. Steve had a level of dedication/beneficial obsession for these cars that would be hard to match. The site was know all 'round the globe, and many of us can thank him for the information that he shared during those years. Unfortunately, after many years of the site being very actively updated, there occurred a series of events that led to Steve's decision to take the site off-line permanently. It looked like a lot of this information had been lost for good. It hasn't. :) (Thank you, Steve, for your contributions to our hobby. Many of us went to your site on an almost daily basis. It was an amazing site, even despite the drama at the end.)


Literally within hours after Nova-International pulled its plug, another Nova enthusiast in the UK (Euro-Nova's "bobbybrown") scrambled to make sure that this breed of quirky cars and its loyal community didn't loose its web presence. A new forum site called was quickly hammered out which, while initially lacking some of the static resources of the old Nova-International, quickly started to grow into the most active and dynamic forum-based resource in the world for Novas, Sterlings, Eurekas and any of their distant kin. Currently, Euro-Nova has over 150 members and represents literally the best forum on the planet for discussion of the Nova and its derivatives. It is a truly excellent site, and we all need to thank (and support) its founders for their efforts. has no formal link to Euro-Nova. More importantly, though, is to note that the forum section of SterlingKitCars is not meant to detract in any way from the wonderful forums at Euro-Nova. The main focus of SterlingKitCars is to provide a fun photo showcase and collection of builder's journals for our cars. The forum section on this new site was mainly added in response to a desire of several of the enthusiasts in the States to have a forum that focused a little more on local laws, issues, and resources. When you need to ask the BIG think tank, ask Euro-Nova.


This one is easy: Absolutely everyone with a Sterling, Sebring, Cimbria, Nova, Eureka, Eagle SS or any of the other derivatives are sincerely invited to join the site and show off your cars! The showcase has a section for everyone; Sterlings, Eurekas, Novas, Sebrings, etc. Even if you NEVER post one thread to the forum, please take the time to simply drop a quick description plus few photos of your car into the Owners' Car Showcase. It's like being added to the Who's Who for owners of ANY of the Nova derivatives, and I'd love to see it grow into a nice list of all the derivative cars and projects that still exist around the globe. Even if you're already a member at another site, cool! Add your car here, too, and join the global showcase.