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Originally Posted by ratrog64 View Post
Other then tire wear, what problems or concerns do you have about lowering?

Yes the stub axles and bearing may have unusual load on them, but I don't see that as a problem.

The swing axle cars only suffer from a lack of lubrication to the bearings and tire wear as far as I know.
Personally I don't have any issues with lowering, especially on our cars. To get the right stance sometimes you have to. What I hate is what David posted... and lots of those cars running around here. Extreme lowering will wear the universals at a much faster rate, and like you mentioned on swingaxles you'll run the bearings dry.

But... that's the problem with old Beetles - they were never designed to do what the kit crowd asks them to do. To get the right look in the rear without camber issues, generally larger tires are involved to fill the space. Personally, I like the steamroller look in the back. Some owners want the low profile supercar look.. and that's ok... as long as one recognizes the limits of a 70 year old design.
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