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Originally Posted by sector View Post
Looks like I have a major set back with my build. No matter what I tried to do, I could not get the driver's rear wheel properly aligned. The wheel kept on rubbing the fender when I lowered the car to my preferred height. And even Porsche 944 trailing arms that have additional adjustments were unable to remediate the issue. Turns out that the VW frame I was using had a bent torsion housing due to previous accidents or misuse, causing the rear wheel to be pushed back and twist out.
Attachment 9303

The other side is good.

Attachment 9304

I have two options, put the chassis on the frame machine and try to straighten the rear end (torsion housing) or weld in another torsion housing (find a good used one, aftermarket or from Porsche 944 to match my trailing arms). I did noticed that torsion bar on the bent side is very difficult to remove due to binding, hence the reason for leaning toward replacement. What are your toughts?

Congratulations, you have discovered that our cars, all of them, are asymmetric, The rear wheels are always a problem, I lined up my fronts and then sorted out the rear by shaping
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So I've decided to get rid of VW chassis all together and build a full tubular chassis that will accept a bolt on suspension from Porsche 944. I scored a low mileage suspension from 944 turbo that came complete with everything including sway bar and brand new set of koni coilovers. I am currently working on the chassis.
Name:  rps20181012_181446.jpg
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I am also looking into options for Independent Front Suspension (IFS). The main decision is to figure out if I should go with production vehicle option such as from Toyota Supra, Mazda Miata/RX8 or hot rod option from Heidts, TCI. Suspension from production vehicles would end up costing 1/2 the price of custom hod rod type suspension but may not be ideal due to track width.

I did pick up suspension from Mazda RX8 and it looks very promising. Its nice and compact with aluminum control arms and power electric steering. But need to check if track width will work for my setup (wheel offset).

Name:  01717_gFmc0tcsL0u_600x450.jpg
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Name:  00y0y_giyMDUFSVAU_600x450.jpg
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This is the suspension support frame

Name:  rps20181012_181705.jpg
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Porsche suspension will bolt to this frame at 8 existing mounting point.

Next I will be working on the engine cradle.

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I am tired as a dog. Been working on the chassis this weekend. Here is what I was able to accomplish today.

Name:  rps20181014_200232.jpg
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Name:  rps20181014_200254.jpg
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Name:  rps20181014_200310.jpg
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Name:  rps20181014_200333.jpg
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Still need to add center tunnel and some gussets for additional stifneess. Once that is done I will bolt on a Porsche 944 suspension and drop the body for a fit check.
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Looking good. My only concern is mixing wheel PCD's front and rear. I hate using adapters...

If you go with the Mazda suspension, there is nothing stopping you from splitting that subframe in half and welding in the appropriate extensions (if needed). Power steering racks are easy to find to fit.
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