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Originally Posted by sector View Post
I envy you, I can barely find 2-3 hours a week to spend working on my car. But slow progress is better than no progress
One of the benefits of not being married and not having any children. Being self employed doesn't hurt either.

Depending on what time I get home from work, I may still be in the garage at 10pm a few times a week. I don't watch TV or do any social media stuff so most of my free time is garage time.

Any progress is good!
Do Something, Even If Its Wrong!

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Default 10.6.19

Got the seat mold finished up this morning and pull off the plug this afternoon. All trimmed up and ready to make a seat.

I also trimmed up my passenger seat which was the plug. I still need to trim up the drivers seat. You can see the difference after trimming in the photo.

Got one side of the canopy arms painted on Saturday along with lot and lots of sanding on the inside of the canopy. I still need to do some filling of imperfections and some patch work at the seam between the inner and outer canopy shell. Once that's done I'll sand one more time with some 320, seal with some epoxy and paint it satin black.

Car #069-212.jpg

Car #069-211.jpg

Car #069-210.jpg

Car #069-209.jpg

Car #069-208.jpg
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Do Something, Even If Its Wrong!
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