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Dude...I LOVE it.

See, this is kitcar-dom at its very best; you took several inexpensive, mundane, totally unrelated parts and creatively grafted them together to produce something that looks cool, exotic, and entirely believable. A hamster ball...no friggin' way.

I tip my hat to you.

Keep it coming!
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Default center console and dash remod

I spent some time this weekend getting some long over due work done on the car.

I installed the hydraulic roof actuators and pump. Got the cylinders purged of air, and the pump primed. I need a better ground, and thicker wiring to run the system, but it works for now.

Center Console:
I started making a mock up in first card board, then plywood, and finally spray foamed the center console to a good stopping point for now. This isn't the final shape, or the exact location, (as it may need more adjusting to get it "just right") but its a good start for me to see what the next step is on it. Having the built pieces modular, and removable , also helps me to assess what adjustments I need to make off of my sketches, and photos without making any permenant changes to the car yet.
It looks bulkier than it actually is, the base is only 5.5 inches wide, and the top is 8 inches wide.
Next will come body filler, more sanding, then fiberglass (and TONS of detail work)

Here's some pics.

And yes, there is still plenty of leg room!
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Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01106.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01109.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01113.jpg  

Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01116.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01117.jpg  

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Default Tail light assembly completion

Finally one of the tail light assemblies has made it to completion.
Very heavy duty unit and very solid.
The LED's are a bit overwhelming and leave sun spots in your eyes, so an additional diffuser will be added on top of the outer ring of LED's.

The red on the LED holders is reflective red traffic tape which should meet the requirements of the DOT for rear reflectors on the car.

Now on to sealing the back up, and repeating this 3 more times.Then on to making the surrounds and lenses for them with a vacuum former.

Oh and most of these photos were taken with the flash on to tone down the red a bit.
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Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01119.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01120.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01121.jpg  

Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01122.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01124.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01125.jpg  

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The current idea is to place these into an outer lens like that of the 2006 miura concept. Placed behind a clear vacuum formed lens that will match the cars body shape.

One thing that is kinda cool, is the inner set of LED's when lit by themselves, combined with the shape of the housing, makes it look like the tail cone of a jet engine.

here is a couple more pictures.
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Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01126.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01127.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01128.jpg  

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they look awesome
I really like the look of the reflective tape.

you did a great job
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Dash update:
Nothing much to really see yet, but its getting closer everyday. I sit in the car and reassure I fit in this equation every day!
The rear center console area will need some tweaking, or should I say shrinking still.
Also heres a picture of my goal at the end of construction.

On a side note, after upgrading the wiring to 10 gauge wires, and connecting directly to the battery, the hydraulic motor for the top no longer tries to melt the wires. It opens in about 18 seconds. Im working ideas, for a way to assist the hyd motor on opening.

Again, this is all modular in the build process, I can pull this out at any time with no changes made to the car yet.
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Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01144.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01137.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01132.jpg  

Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01136.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01138.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-cadillac_converj_interior.jpg  

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Looks good, Yaughn! Great job with the taillights - I know they were a bugger to get right. Here's a link you might enjoy just for the build photos: English Russia Lithuanians and PU-foam
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Thats outstanding!
Although I dont care for the stomper sized wheels. LOL (remember those toys when we were young?)

Hes got far more energy for the project than I. I like the sterling as it is for the most part. I wouldnt dream of going that far on it.

I will admit I a long time ago started thinking about the mclerling photo by JMD alot.

A word too the from the experienced,... dont get in a hurry with spray foam. If you lay too much down at one time, youll just end up with a gooey nightmare that sticks to everything.
Be patient....

Im hoping to at least get to the body filler stage by july.

I have been given an allowance by the wife, so here shortly, Ill have a new tablet PC with GPS for the center console, a new 2008 cbr 600rr gauge cluster, momo steering wheel, and my honda pilot headlight assemblies. Oh and dont forget all the parts I need to build my vacuum former....
So its gonna be christmas in June for me!

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Excellent progress. Although I'm very happy with my dash, this makes me want to build another one.
Euro-Nova build log
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Default Dash update 6-19-10

After some scrutinizing I had to reshape the center console as it was not right.

I still have some symmetry issues, and other minor fixes that need attention.

The arm rests (OMG handles) aren't right yet but its getting closer.

I was a little bummed when my new gauge cluster didn't come yesterday. the fed ex tracking page said out for delivery, but didn't show up. I was hoping to mock it up in place to get some much needed geometry information. Since the steering column mount, and the gauges will be basically sitting on each other. I have to work my design around them. My goal is to have the dash perfectly smooth when the unit is folded away.
One of my goals is to ensure the interior looks like a blank canvas when the car is turned off sitting undefended in a parking lot. I hate thieves, and Id like to give them as little to shop for as possible when I'm not around. So my goal is everything wil be hidden on the dash and center console. hopefully hidden behind lexan, or with some type of cover over it in the stowed position.

I am having one hell of a time finding heater controls that are small enough, look modern, yet will not need anything special to work. IE like a computer. (the 2008 Honda civic controls arent what Im looking for styling wise, yet are good in the size dept.) Perhaps simply stealing the knobs and using simple pots, and rotary switches will give the illusion of an OEM system, without the hassle of trying to wire in a computer based heating system. Also, my coveted mini kei truck heater matrix's have come up missing on eBay. So That will have to be worked out later.
I'm needing to get this dash to a solid stopping point before I leave, as the foam will not last until next spring after my deployment. So Im kind of on a time line as well, which doesn't help.
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Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01146.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01147.jpg   Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01148.jpg  

Sterling #460B -- ydeardorff's-dsc01149.jpg  

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