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I think its awesome that you guys actually do this let alone make 3 or 4 days of it. Its hard to get people together in this country for a half day Saturday. I can't imagine people driving 9 hours for a club meet. I'm just as guilty as the rest and my free time is always accounted for. You Aussies ROCK!
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Thanks dude. You just have to remember that we're a specialized club, for just one particular VW based kit car, with most of us spread out over this wide brown land. In most cases, it's a 2 day drive from state capital to state capital. Well, down the east coast. Go west, and the drive is huge. Take when we had out meet in Mildura a few years ago (we actually went there twice). From my place, it's about a 16 hour drive. I could have done it in one day, I do drive for a living and whilst that would be a long day at work, I have done it. But I made that a two day drive, in part to take it easy and enjoy the drive, and I wasn't driving down myself, we had a small convoy going on. So we stopped at a country town on the way down, and again on the way back. So those particular meet, it was a 6 day event for those of us in that small convoy (3 eurekas).

And in most cases, we're spread out fairly thin. It's basically the only meet of the year for most of us. There's a thick patch of Eurekas down in Adelaide, so they have a monthly mini meet. But that's just them. So it's the annual meet for the rest of us, or nothing. We can and do go to local show & shines (mind you, I haven't been to one in a few years myself), but they're not just for us.
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