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Default Carlisle 2010

Well, we're back! True to form, the Carlisle weather never fails to be miserable. Well... let me be specific: Friday was gorgeous, Saturday was hot, humid and overcast, and Saturday night and this morning were simply a washout. We (my wife Suzanne and I) drove to the grounds at around 8:30 or so this morning, and it was pretty much deserted. Even the vendors were packing it in. But, for the previous two days, the grounds were packed, and we had a relatively decent turnout for the Sterling club.

Our crowd on Saturday. Two yellows flanked by two reds; my primered car was to the left of the near red car. The one yellow Sebring drove from Vermont to attend - some 9 hours on the road. It is powered by a Buick 3.8 V6, so I took ample opportunity to talk to the owner. Turns out, he actually owns the molds to that series car, and had a wonderful back history to the Sebring line. More on that later!

The buggy crowd was bigger than last year, some 60 cars in attendance. It's fast becoming the east coast 'go-to' place to meet. Bruce Meyers was there again this year, and led the group on a three-hour tour through the surrounding countryside in a "find-the-covered-bridges" tour (of which there were a half dozen or so. Halfway into the tour, it started to rain.... hard.

Our usual lineup of Cobra and Speedster replicas...always out in force!

The Fiberfab Valkyrie and Avenger club was well represented, as usual.

And even a relatively uber-rare Caribee/Banshee was there, fresh from paint. Underpinnings are MG-A, and I never did get to see what drivetrain he was running. The dual (little) tailpipes told me it was still MG based.

A car in the car corral for sale had everyone drooling. Right price, for sure ($6995). A Jamaican, with a custom tube chassis sporting an Oldmobile 409 engine and drivetrain. You would never have guessed it was wedged in there, and it sounded awesome! A sleeper for the street and a Vette-killer for sure if the suspension was set up correctly.

Onto the Import side of the field (which I didn’t get too many photos of), a strange Lotus Excel, something that is never seen in the US. For a reason – this one was imported by the owner and is documented to be only one of three in the states.

A little later in the day we got a treat, though… a Merc SLR. Never seen one in person until yesterday!

That’s a whole lotta engine going on!

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Default WOW!

Fantastic pics!!! Wish I could have made it there....Horrible fares for flights however. Glad to have had an insider's peek at it. Thanks!!
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I had a gentle nudge on the back of the head by Hank who reminded me that I hadn't followed up with the Sebring backstory. I covered some of it on the Nova forums, but neglected to do it here. So.. here it is!

The history on this series car was relayed to the owner by the people he bought the molds off of - the previous maker ARX Industries run by Al Hildebrand. The owner of the car was relying on memory, but to his knowledge is fact. Al Hildenbrand worked for California Component Cars Midwest back in the mid '70's as one of the engineers, and approached CCC about re-designing the Sterling to incorporate a deeper drop pan and revised roofline to gain visibility and seating postion. CCC wasn't interested apparently, so Al left the company to pursue that change on his own. He designed the car based on the Sterling and approached Bremen Motors to make the molds and pull the bodies. They did, and couldn't keep up with the demand. A few years later, Hildenbrand bought Bremen Motors. Bremen turned out more than a few styles of kits, the Sebring being one of them. The first incarnation had a roofline and cut similar to the Sterling; the second generation (the Turbo) had the deeper sill cut to make it easier to get in and out of the car. The 'Turbo' was named for the initial idea was to use turbocharged VW engines as a factory build. That didn't work out so well with reliability, so Bremen switched to watercooled GM power for factory builds. ARX Industries was apparently started shortly after Hildebrand bought Bremen, but details on that are still sketchy as to what roll ARX really played with the Sebring history, even though some cars have a Bremen serial number and some (like this one) have an ARX serial number.

The owner doesn't have any plans to pull parts from the molds yet. I think he's not quite sure what to do with them as he did have them for sale at Carlisle a number of years ago with a freshly pulled body to go with them. If I remember correctly, he wanted to do the cars as a secondary business until he saw just how involved it got (and talking with Dave confirmed that), so the molds are simply sitting in storage in Vermont somewhere. I'll see if I can't dig up some more info if anyone is interested - I have the guy's card around here somewhere!
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I tried to find his number after that Carlisle show with no luck. I came across some photo' of him sitting with his car and molds on the web but could not read his sign to get phone number. If you track it down please send me a PM. May fit better in my warehouse than his! - thanks
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