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Default Fiberglass floorboards?

The kit I'm looking at apparently has fiberglass dropped floorboards built in and only uses the tunnel/tube from the vw chassis. Is this common? Is this a factory option or a homebrew thing? s there a benefit or detriment to this? Would a VW bug carpet kit still work?
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My guess is its a homebrew, usually when someone can not weld.
Bug carpet would not work with drop pans or even undropped. Carpet is easy enough to do, and I would never waste money on a kit that would not fit well anyway.

Buy yourself some marine carpet and cut it to fit and glue it in place. If you cut nice patterns you can even get a local upholstery shop to sew on some edge binding. If you have a sewing machine, its pretty easy to do yourself. The end result will look pretty custom and very professional.

Fiberglass floorboards?-7-114-.jpg

I think I bought about 3 or 4 yards of carpet to do the #114 car.
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I cant imagine having the finesse and skill to craft sturdy functional fiberglass floors but not be able to weld...but thats just me

also i love your seats!

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You're not looking at a Sterling then (well, you could be, but unlikely). You're looking at a Sebring II (or Turbo, as they were also known). Only a handful of kits had a monocoque body that went over the VW tunnel - the Sebring II and the Aquila. Advantages are is greatly increases the overall strength of the body and minimizes the rust issues. Disadvantage is you're stuck with that particular floor drop unless you're handy with fiberglass.
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