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Default New V4 Motor

I just watched the new episode of Jay Leno's garage where he did the review of a new American motor cycle company. They have designed and built a new aluminum 1650cc V4 motor that only weighs 140lbs. Its rated at 180 hp and 126 ft lbs of torque @ 5000 rpms. They sell crate motors and are anxious to see their motors cross over to other apps. Could this be a new option for a Sterling? I'm sure they are pricey but certainly cool looking motors. Looks like they might fit in a Sterling with room to spare and with the intakes sticking through the rear deck!

Impressive! And sounds awesome too!

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American V4 | Motus Motorcylces

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This is cool. The price says tbd half way down the page. Id love to see what this could do in a sterling with a built transaxle.

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So about 9k for the motor. 11 by the time you get an adapter made and everything else needed like radiator, plumbing etc... would really be interesting!

At that price I think I'd buy this first and keep the VW spirit alive
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