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I was thinking of something that doesn't look like an exhaust and blends into the body work.

This is the hood vent on a jaguar but I was thinking of something like this maybe mounted on the sides. Now how I would build it into the car and not have the glass catch fire, That will be another problem to resolve.

Thats just what I would like to do but reality may prevail and I'll have to do a conventional exhaust exit. Once I get the engine installed then I'll have a better idea of what can be done.

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Thought I'd revisit this post and add alittle more to it.

If some of you remember I cut 2" out of the stock oil pan to give me more ground clearance. Well after doing that it never did set right with me about loosing that much oil capacity. So I searched the web for a low profile oil pan that retained the oem oil capacity.
The majority all were cut oem oil pans but I found one that wasn't. It's 2" shorter than stock and holds 5qt's of oil and it bolted up with no issues and it retains the stock dip stick that measures the correct oil level. Its made out of aluminum so it should help dissapate the heat better too.

With those space saver tires that are on the car now the ground clearance is 6" at the oil pan
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Purdy! Nice to see there is a huge aftermarket for those engines. Seems like VW, Subaru has their own share of (usually) quality aftermarket.
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I'd love a low profile for my 1.8 EA82t Scooby. Looks great too.

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