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Originally Posted by RangerBEH View Post
The reman 5 gauge one I used on my buggy was awesome!

(The only reason you can see through the glass is I took the pic inside, for the sterling I plan to make the cutouts cleaner also)
in the pic what does the 4 notate is it gear selection
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I mounted my GPS antenna inside a 'dummy' shark fin antenna costing $5, it also has the small electronic radio antenna from a roof mounted unit. all glue in with hot glue and bonded to the roof with Sikaflex.
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You might be able to mount it under the fiberglass body. I know that you can mount a cb radio under a fiberglass body and it will still pick up the radio signal clearly, as you can buy mounts for them through the appropriate channels. (sorry, I couldn't resist the joke. )

Ok, I just did a quick google. Apparently the newer gps units can receive a signal through 1.5" fiberglass.

Originally Posted by jethro1
The GPS signal is transmitted at 1575.42 MHz. At this frequency there is very little refraction or bending in the atmosphere. Materials which are opaque to light are not necessary reflective for radio waves at 1575.42 MHz. Radio waves at 1575.42 MHz will pass through the fiberglass components of a boat in precisely the same manner they pass through the plastic material surround the antenna housing to reach the antenna for the GPS receiver contained inside.
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Most times those antenna's are not weatherproof. Find a home for it on the dashboard on top, out of the way. It'll be fine 'shooting' through the glass. Been running an aftermarket head unit in my truck with built-in GPS for years with the antenna on the dashboard with zero issues.
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The 4 is the mileage counter. I put a few hundred miles on the buggy before I sold it and loved the intelitronix unit.

I got the 6 gauge unit for my sterling and sebring. The only difference is the tach they both have turn signals and high/low beam indicators
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