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Default SWIII Gauges and lighting install help!

SO I have the following gauges:

Speedo installed - speed under by 5-8 mph - screwed in as far as I can - help!
Oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel level all have the sender wires attached but I don't know the polarity for the rest of them. I found a SW gauge guide, but it wasn't for my exact gauges so I don't know how accurate they are.

Also, for lighting, I see the slot for the light bulb in all of them, but if I wanted to replace the bulbs with a color-adjustable LED bulb, what are my options for that? Anyone done this?

I'm also considering getting rid of the set and going for something different - maybe digital, maybe a retro-vintage style? Not sure yet, but there's no tachometer for these and I'm not sure how accurate they are. Thoughts on that/examples?
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