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Default power vent windows anyone?

I had an old dodge minivan once upon a time...

It had these in it. These mounted in place of the standard latches would give you power vent windows.

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I thought of this a while ago but then actually sat in the Sterling and well both side windows have very accessible latches. In addition you would have to deal with sinking that motor into the canopy not to mention deal with making it detachable some how if you so choose to remove the windows.
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If memory serves they do have that emergency release ability. And yes they would have to fit inside the canopy, between the inner and outer skins.
For me the latches are a bit awkward, and going with actuators would make opening them easier. They can also be opened just a bit, or all the way. It just depends on when your finger comes off the switch. The manual latches are full open or full close only.
Their of course not necessary, but it would be one more nice touch.

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I was holding out on you because I have a set from an old buick car that are cable driven. The cable actually twists when activated. I like the fact that the motor can be mounted 8"" away and the cable routed to where you need it. It currently has only 1/2 travel but I can rebend the cable (actually it is a solid wire) to get more trave or mount it closer to the hinges so less travel is needed. I still have to figure out how to connect it to the window. I was waiting to get one installed and post but I have not been home in a few weeks to work on my car. I like the ones you have here better if you can figure a way to mount the motor in a good place.
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