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Default Why do we do a mock up before paint?

Here's why!

Making a hole in my headlight area with a 2" hole saw would have been a disaster had I already painted the car. Pilot bit broke and the hole saw walked across the body of the car. I would have cried for days if I had already painted the car. Since this is still just mock up its a little filler, sanding and some priming. Thank GOD!

Why do we do a mock up before paint?-142.jpg

And no, these are not harbor freight tools, they are Milwaukee.
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Youch.... yeah, that sucks. But then I drove my freshly painted (3 color metalfalke to boot) Manx SR right into the lift wire on my enclosed trailer door in a rush to get it up to Carlisle for Bruce Meyer's birthday bash. That wasn't a good day. Bruce took it in stride and said it wasn't important - what was important was that I was there safely. Paint can be replaced.

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