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Smaller batches are good. I've never worked with more than 4oz at a time. When it's in a cup it heats up much faster than when it's spread out. So try to keep it small batches.

Additionally, since resin is a thermo set (can't think of the proper term) it hardens with heat. So in the summer, use less MEKP than recommended. In the winter or cold weather, use more. My rule of thumb is at 70-80 degrees ambient weather temp, I use about 12 drops of MEKP per ounce of Resin.

When its hotter, 80 -90, I use about 10 drops/ounce or resin. Colder sometimes up to 15 drops. You'll have to mess with it a little to find the sweet spot for your area. But generally those hold up pretty good for me.
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Thanks Inc. I will keep that in mind.

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