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Brett Proctor 03-29-2016 03:10 PM

G100 Gelcoat gun
Bought this a while back anticipating that I would need it for when I started to build the side pods and the rear section.

Used it for making the mold for the rear section and it is sooooo much nicer than the other way I was spraying gelcoat.
Plus clean up is so fast and easy. Not much to clean. Just the lid and nozzle.

You can get different size nozzles and it can be used as a sand blaster.

In the HVLP gun I was using before if the resin started to cure in the gun before you were done(happened once) you pretty much had to throw the gun away.
Because there's nothing to the G100 gun cleaning the cured resin out isn't that much of a job.(haven't actually tested this out)

Not as cheap as the HVLP spray guns but the time it saves spraying and cleaning up makes it so much nicer to use.

The time now is 11:15 PM.

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