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Default slower-speed or alternative grinder for fiberglass repairs?

hi guys --

any idea if there are any power tools that can be used to grind/feather out fiberglass areas for repair aside from angle grinders? i may end up having to do a ton of such repair work this year, and would like to figure out something that won't throw as much nasty glass dust as an angle grinder would.

any ideas?

has anyone ever tried those new-ish oscillating multi-tools (fein, dremel, ridgid, performax, bosch all have them) with a carbide rasp? seems like a possibility, but i'm curious to hear if there are better alternatives.


drew j.
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I use this with sanding head attachment.


The sanding head allows the use of replaceable snap on sanding disks. Buy lots of them you'll go through them fast in this work.


Also make sure you get down the fiberglass in your repairs. Do not try to repair over gel coat.

Another note "scarfing" make sure your repair is significantly wider than you depth. If you can rig up a vacuum rig while repairing part of the cars body. The repairs will require less sanding, and be much stronger.

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Yep, those work or a simple oscillating pad sander. I hardly ever use an angle grinder for fiberglass work unless I'm clearing a large area in a hurry. Simple sanders will work just as well and make (slightly) less mess.
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shop vac is the way to go. Vac while sanding. Also coat your hands and arms in baby powder to keep the fibers from getting into your pores. use lots and lots and lots of baby powder. more than you think you'll need. when done, vacuum your arms, clothes, etc, then wash with COLD water and soap. wash clothes separate from daily wear clothes.
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