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Default My planned body mods

Heres a reworked nose on the sterling Ive been working on.

This is a redesign for the sake of both function and looks for a mid engine/ nose mounted radiator setup, and new lights/ hood vents installed as well.

Heres the tail and side mock ups I promised:


I remembered you wanted a rear profile with the sterling with those lights, so here you go.
This rear mock up was under wraps for several months by me. But I figure why hoard it. LOL

Some items I dont know how to fix, so they get left, to never mind any blank outs, I dont know how to fix those. sorry still learning photos shop.
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Reworked nose mock up-mockup.jpg   Reworked nose mock up-novarear3-mock-up02.jpg   Reworked nose mock up-novaside-mock-up.jpg  

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bumped for update
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VERY nice! I must say...I quite like those modifications. They are clean, simple, and relatively subtle. The back looks absolutely great. I'd buy that. I

have an issue with any mods that greatly disturb the overall styling balance. What I like about these ideas is that they add something positive without disturbing any of the things that were good to begin with, if that makes any sense.

Nice job.
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Thank you,

Im still learning photoshop so I cant get thing exactly like Id like.

But it gets the point across, I think.

I dont want to make this not lok like a sterling, but rather augment it.
Im trying other looks too, so I may have a few other idea pics to toss up, but so far this is what Im shooting for.
If anyone wants something put together in photoshop Ill do my best for ya. Just let me know, and supply some pics if you can.
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