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Default Hood Question Help?

Hello not sure if I can totally explain this without pictures but I will give it a try. I have with the hood that has the key in the front of the car to lock the trunk. But had not had good luck with that and it has come loose and slipped up and cracked my windshield that was a costly mistake. What I want to know is there any other way to secure the hood from the front or what you guys use to make the front of the hood come up kind of like a Corvette hood would come up.
Also i have lost the original key that came with the car where could i find a replacement or what could i fill the hole with?Thanks
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a) get a new lock
b) fabricate a longer cam arm to engage the fiberglass
c) fabricate a hood catch from steel cable to minimize how far the hood opens without you physically removing the catch.

The other option is a basic bear-claw style latch found on production car trunks and doors. Generic bear claws can be found on eBay and places like Summit and Jegs. You'll need to fiberglass in mounting pads to put the pieces on and rout a release cable into the cockpit but other than that it's not too difficult. Volkswagon (aircooled) hood latches are small and easy to mount, so you could try those.
If you want the hood to open to the front, a simple set of Z shaped gate hinges will do the trick. Again, you'll need to fiberglass in some pads to screw them to on the hood to avoid drilling holes. Fastening from the rear can be anything from hood pins to velcro... just don't go backwards fast!
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i have lost the original key that came with the car where could i find a replacement
Just about any lock smith should be able to make you a new key. Take the lock to them or have them come to you.

what could i fill the hole with?
What hole are you taking about?? the one in the hood for the lock or the one in the body for the latch arm to go or is there another one that your taking about??

it has come loose and slipped up
What caused it to come loose. Are parts worn?? The slot for the arm worn out so the arm flops around in the opening??

Do you want to fix what you have or are you looking to make something different??

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This is just a test, I just got done typing a rather lengthly post and when I sent it I was directed to sign in and lost everything that I typed. I will try again later if this works. I know I was signed in maybe I time out.
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