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Default New style lift arms

If Brett's still here.. I know he's been posting on EuroNova lately. He was joking about building new style arms in a secret Sterling facility... well... I'm not

With the acquisition of the company, and an acquisition of a Sovran (purely for research, of course), we plan to reintroduce "Sovran technology" into the lineup of parts. One of which will be a Sovran style canopy to fit the legacy Sterling bodies. That canopy allows for almost a full inch and a half of extra headroom with a stock pan and seats. The second is the lift arm mechanism. One thing that CCC did really well with the next phase of the company was to address the hinges, and that was to make the actuators hidden as well as to build in a manual release. We plan on having these hinges reproduced and available by the end of the year. I do have a source for the OE electric actuators as well ().. not cheap by any means, so we'll likely leave it up to the builder to decide whether they want the actuators or figure out their own drive mechanism (hydraulic or otherwise).

A video of one of the hinges in motion. Keep in mind it's unloaded - no weight on the hinge, obviously, and the release mechanism doesn't have a cable hooked up, hence a push from a stick

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I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys do with the company.
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Me too! Some parts are already pulled so the fabricator can get used to the multi-part molds. I'm hoping we'll have most, if not all, the parts made by October. End game is to actually assemble a car on stands to make sure everything fits the way it's supposed to.
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