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Default Rack and Pinion

Is there an advantage to having a rack and pinion steering on the Sterling. I currently have a ball-joint suspension. I'm wondering if it is worth upgrading before I put the body on.

My though process is to go the Subaru route for the engine so I'm not sure if this is a factor or not.

What are your thoughts.
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I've done rack and pinion on one VW volksrod before. It was cool, and worked pretty good. But then again, so does a stock steering box. If you have the time, money and don't mind fabing up the necessary brackets and hardware I'd say go for it. I think there should be ample room under the body for the rack and it would be pretty cool. If I remember correctly, I think we used a 914 rack. Come to think of it, a buddy did one and used a dodge neon rack but had to flip it because otherwise it turned left when you turned right! He had the entire thing installed before he realized in the neon, it was installed differently. Could you imagine the learning curve getting use to that? Whoa, great fun there!
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I've done searches on the internet and the information goes both ways as to whether it is a good idea. I'm just wondering if it is really worth the work or just keep it as it is. The car is not going to be a daily driver. It will be for shows and fun times.
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Rack and pinion can be nice but an unnecessary expense for a weekend driver. If you were autocrossing, maybe. You would have the advantage of a quicker lock to lock. Nothing is as simple as it seems.. you can't just plop in a r&p and expect it to bolt up. You'll have to change all your control arms as well.
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