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Default Uniball Rear suspension

I have been talking with a few members about available suspension mods.
One of these mods I have heard of before, but don't really understand.

Uniball rear suspension.

Now as far as i can tell, this is a suspension mod that replaces the torsion bars with a coil over shock per side.

Benefits? Apparently you can remove part of all of the torsion bars, tube and transmission horns, perhaps for a mid engine setup. But the main trailing arms still are connected, AND all the force of the suspension now will rest on the shock towers which they are not built to support. This means a kafer bar setup would be needed. Or something else to beef up the supports.

I'm not planning this mod, but I would like to know more about it. Its benefits, and cons.

Whats in the bug chassis of course works, but why would someone want to do this to the chassis? What is the overall benefit to in essence relocating the suspension with this kit?

It seems doing this for a mid engine setup, would not be completely ideal. The trailing arms and their mounts cant be removed, and would still be in the way potentially.

Ive looked on various sites, including volkszone etc and have seen lots of pics, but no real explanation as to why this would be done, or what the benefit would be.

Unless there is some grand benefit, it seems like it is just a lot of hacking the chassis up, and more work that really isn't needed. Is this one of those gimmick items that help people relieve themselves of their money?


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I had to look that up. Never heard of uni-ball before... so....

Interesting modification. I didn't read too much into it just yet, but it seems to be a choice to do if the car is going to be auto-crossed since you'll be able to dial in the right amount of suspension give per coil-over. There's a short thread here TheSamba.com :: View topic - Uniball rear suspension on 1303 that covers just that.

For a street car the advantage would be that you could set your ride height relatively easily, and if your torsion bars were worn you could simply do without and install this setup.

I'll have to read more on it as I get a chance....
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Thanks, I'd appreciate your input on this.

I was looking at push rod suspensions systems, seems to be the ultimate choice if one had the time and money.
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