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Default Airbags system for the front end

I remember a youtube video about a guy whom had bought the ferari F40. It nose was so low profile that he has to drive diagonally into even mild driveways, he stated it was the only thing he didnt like about the car.

In this video he mentoned he had installed a manual/automatic system that would raise the nose if a sudden angle appeared in front of the car. This would raise the cars nose about 6 to 8 inches, then lower again via a sensor, or a manual switch inside the car.

Im wondering seeing the nose of say farfegnubbins I cant imagine speed bumps are ones friend at all. not driveways.

I wonder how essential a system like this would be if one were wanting to keep the fiberglass and looks intact on the nose.

Even my wifes bulky 2000 dodge intrepid, will scrape the nose on damn near everything. in fact even the lil plastic blade under the nose was completely ripped off by a curb.

I wonder how hard this would be to install?
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There are a multitude of "bag" or pneumatic shocks available to fit the Beetle front suspension, as well as the back. Whether an automatic height adjustment could be fabricated would be up to the builder, as that technology is way over my head!
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