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Originally Posted by letterman7 View Post
Hmmm... I've always had about 3 1/2 turns lock to lock on each car... not as "precise" but I'm not road racing it, either. And look into electric power steering...
Using that kind of thinking Rick why did you put a type 4 engine in your car??? Your not road racing it

Just messing with you. No harm ment
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That is actually a simple answer Brett - air conditioning. With a T4 there is very little power loss compared with a stock or slightly larger T1 due to the much greater torque of the 4.

And no harm done.. all good fun!
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S far as power steering goes I haven't found the need for it, even with my large tires but EPS is a better solution than hydraulic and several option on that including MB/Porsche and Corsa.
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