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Originally Posted by .999_Sterling View Post
I'll see if I can get the one on EBay, I might wait to see if I can get my friend to bring one over from England it might be cheaper that way, but thanks for the offers.
Dodging customs I see...

Does anyone know if a 240z tail light will fit?
Just in case you can't get a tr7.
They look almost the same but I don't have the numbers.
Both my sterling and Z are in New Jersey and I'm stuck in DC.
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That's actually an interesting thought because 240z lights aren't to radical of a departure from TR7 lights, however I think there is a slight difference in the way they are shaped.
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just saw this

Fiberglass Rear kit Car Panel, Sterling or Sebring
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Thanks Poptop, I talked to the guy and he said he is willing to ship it so hopefully I will have it buy next week!
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