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Looks good, Yaughn! Geez... you could sneek a backup camera into one of those and nobody would ever suspect....
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Just a quick note for anyone wanting to go the LED route.

Here are a couple of helpful links to help you get things right the first time.

www.ledcalc.com This is an LED calculator and basic circuit construction helper. It will give you basic instructions on wiring for series/parrallel circuits including what resistor(s) to use. Remember to consider that the voltage produced by a cars charging system is not only 12volts, but can be 14.5VDC or higher when planning for your project.

candela (millicandela) to lumen conversion wizard This is a luminosity conversion calculator. It helps you get an idea of the brightness of your project in (lumens)

"As a point of reference, a standard 100W light bulb typically is rated at around 1,700 lumens in North America, and around 1,300 lumens in 220V areas of the world."


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After a bit more progress, I placed one of the arrays within the housing to test the distances of items to see how compact I can make this design.

When the inner array sparked to life, it was so good looking I had to take some more pictures. LOL

The new LED's coming in the mail are 45k, these are only 15k.

Its the most brilliant blood red Ive ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice!

so here ya go...
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