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Default Faux exhaust tips

I've noticed some of the auto makers are attaching fake exhaust tips directly to the rear bumpers or valences. When you look inside the tips, you can see the exhaust tip just kinda floating there, towards the back. Kinda like THIS.

I've been thinking about doing something similar. Some large flat oval tips, screwed to the underside of the rear valence where the exhaust would exit anyway. One thing I'm concerned about is how much the exhaust moves when the engine revs. I don't recall if it was just a small amount of movement or a lot. Anyone know?
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Depends on how tight your motor mounts are. There shouldn't be a lot of flex, but 1/2" isn't unusual. I thought about that on my car until I decided that I hate the look of these little pea-shooter pipes floating inside the larger faux tips. It took me quite a few incarnations to get the ones I settled on (and don't quite like, but it's as close as I could get to what I wanted) short of custom building a set.
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