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that pic looks very similar to the turn key i bought. unfortunately i havent had the engine and body installed at the same time,, but the PO already clearanced the opening very poorly, so im already going to be doing some fiberglass modification in that area. so no help from me.
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Originally Posted by hotrodbones View Post
but the PO already clearanced the opening very poorly,
Thats what we call where Im from a DPO (Dumb Prior Owner)

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See my second link above. Do not buy the HPMX carbs... see what CB is offering with that package in the terms of where the carburetors come from. If they don't offer the Spanish Webers, just buy the linkage and intake set and find a good rebuilt set of 40's (really, you don't need more than 36 on a 1600) on Samba.
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