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casanova 11-21-2011 02:59 PM

new (other) engine in my car
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not just the right car jet *oh my*

a porsche 914 engine, 1700 cc, W-code, 80 hp (from a running 914, who just had an accident, front totaly loss, engine not hit, price low (550 euro...)

letterman7 11-21-2011 04:46 PM

Not bad! Ditch the elctronic fuel injection and throw a couple of 40 IDA Webers on there and add about 10 more horsepower *nothing to see*

Brett Proctor 11-21-2011 08:43 PM

Hey Rick you beat me to it. I was wondering if he got all the fuel injection stuff with the engine. That would add up if he had to buy it piece by piece.


ydeardorff 11-22-2011 03:37 AM

Sorry for interjecting here,....
I was curious,
I wonder why the Subaru H3.0 or 3.3 liter wont fit in the sterling without major issues, while the Corvair seems to bolt up nicely? They are both flat 6's, only the corvair is air cooled. The Subaru puts out about 240hp. I wonder if its a weight, power/torque, or size issue?

letterman7 11-22-2011 09:50 AM

It's still a size/length issue. The Corvair is long by about 3", not including the oil filter housing, before it hits the back inside part of the fiberglass. Doesn't sound like much until you start cutting the body away *laugh* You can make anything fit as long as you're willing to make the sacrifice needed.

casanova 12-01-2011 06:07 AM

the guy who has build my 914 engine (leo de rijck) says he can build this engine to have 180 to 190 hp !!!!!!

seems nice.....

Brett Proctor 12-01-2011 06:03 PM

Seems exaggerated.

A 1.7L push rod, air cooled engine is going to put out 190 hp

Even if it was possible to get that much out of it(maybe tubo it), I would have my doubts that it would stay together producing those numbers*yipes*. Thats more than some of the V8's of that era had.

I'd be curious to know how he was going to do it and have the engine stay together. The EJ25 DOHC Subaru engine I have puts out a claimed 165hp

Thats a 237% increase in HP*hmmm*

Just don't think its possible and make it street drivable


letterman7 12-01-2011 06:17 PM

Oh yes, it's possible. The 1.7 is probably limited to 160bhp but there are 2332 type 1 engines out there on the street with turbos pushing 240-260hp. HotVW's covers those quite a bit!

Brett Proctor 12-01-2011 09:16 PM

And a top fuel dragster produces over 8,500 hp but it can only maintain that for about 10 seconds before melt down accures.

My point is you need to look at the application and build it for that. A 190 hp motor is no good for city driving if all of the hp is above 5000 rpm's and it over heats in city driving and you have to rebuild it every year. These to me are things I don't find favorable for a street engine. I agree its nice to have alot of hp but reliability is a factor also and I was looking at that also.
To me making an engine produce 230% more hp than it was designed for is pushing it(especially for a street car where you have stop and go traffic).

There's other things to consider also when building an engine for a specific application but I don't have the time right now to get into it.


letterman7 12-01-2011 10:12 PM

As I stated, those were street engines. I can't say how often they've been rebuilt as HVW doesn't do too many follow-ups. See this thread, specifically posts by Glenn and beetspeed :: View topic - Engine Builds / Combos

I know Glenn is running roughly 140bhp on his motor and has never done a major rebuild in over 100K miles of highway and city use. And he lives on Long Island, so you know how the traffic can get on the LIE. Bottom line.. yes, higher horsepowers aren't the greatest thing for these little motors, but with the right combination of items can result in a good, reliable, long lived engine. After all, some late model Corvair turbos were pushing a rated 180bhp and they were still aircooled. And there's plenty of documentation on the life of those engines.

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