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It'll dump water even without the cutouts on a dual-carb setup. Nothing you can do but make sure the carburetor has a full air cleaner on it with a solid top - no foam covers here. I drilled a 1/4" hole at the lowest point of the engine hatch cutout and glued a rubber tube from the hole down past the engine and let the water that collected drain out that way. Worked pretty good.

As for cutting the body to make room.. yes, it's inevitable for most applications. The only dual that I know of that will fit fully under the body is the DCNF, and you have to use the Type 3 manifolds to make those work. I don't know how far under a larger carb like an IDF on shorty manifolds would go.. never had the chance to try it.
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With the Cimbria/Sterling engine bay layout, it looks like the well walls will need to be significantly cut-out to make room for the air cleaners. Also, once done, it looks like they will dump any water right onto the carbs if/when exposed to the weather
Build an encasement that follows the opening that you have to cutout then if you want make a lid for it to seal the top. In the low spots that don't drain make a drain opening like Rick did. If you get alot of rain you make want to go with a bigger opening than he did.

Once you get the encasement made you can use caulking to seal the bottom and rivet it to the car or just glass it in. Shouldn't take too long to make. You could make it out of fiberglass or metal. I think fiberglass would be easier to make.

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