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Originally Posted by Jay Laifman View Post
As I understand it, with the electric motor there is no reason to use any gear other than 1st and 2nd, and that the constant use of just those 2 gears and extra torque wears them down quickly.

To me one of the absolute joys of driving a car is downshifting to 3rd and then to 2nd when coming into a turn. The engine just sings then.

But, again, I do love the idea of an electric Sebring.

When I looked into it, I asked EVWest, the place that sells the kits, if I could buy the $6k motor kit and less than their $10,000 battery pack for 80 miles. My commute is short these days. I figured I'd do that now, and when battery prices came down, I'd upgrade my batteries. But he was adamant that I could go with slightly less, but not much. He said "the battery needs to be big enough to produce a full 650 Amps at 120 Volts for good performance from the motor."
1st and 2nd are the 2 gears that you don't use. Even in my 72vdc car, too much torque for 1st gear. Most 120vdc or 144vdc VW cars only use 3rd and 4th. Choose the gear for the top end you want. I'd still be starting in 3rd and shifting to 4th just for the feel of it.
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Ok, you guys may laugh. But, I decided to give the V6 one last shot. As my dad always said, don't fix what is not broken. So I have two Borla mufflers on their way from Summit Racing and some really cool Hedman exhaust tips with some muffling inserts. We'll see how it goes.
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