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  1. bolt pattern

    I'm ready to buy my rims and also looking at disk brake conversion kits. I was under the impression that I have 4 X 100 on my 74 drum brake car. But most of the conversion kits state that I have 4 x 130 which is correct
  2. ac dc

    Here is my twisted question. I am running a vw motor so I don't want to rob the motor of precious hp So I have been toying with the idea of using a 12 volt dc motor that runs at 2000 rpm. How much horsepower would I need to run the compressor? I planned on running two batteries in series so...
  3. fat tire syndrom

    Had a little free time to kill. Just sitting here at the old puter just playing with a tire calculator. Just wondering how much wider than the rim can you go without causing wear and or handling problems? Because, I have always liked the fat tire look. Also the rims I have chosen only come in...
  4. reverse physcology

    Ok, I hate to admit this but no matter how much I read everybody's post and all other information about choosing wheels and tires I just can't wrap my brain around the subject. Quite frankly it scares the crap out of me. So....... The way my twisted brain works I think that I should work from...
  5. Have you ever heard of this?

    I bought a set of digital gauges a while back. I got around to really reading the instructions and looking at the sending units they included. When it came to to the speedo I discovered that I have a sending that is controlled by G.P.S. really gps. Does anybody else have one of these in their...
  6. Sunday afternoons endeavor

    For those who don't know I like to use closed cell polyurethane foam to make one off parts. After the foam hardens its easily shaped into parts. Then body filler is applied and then blocked. Then mold release, gel coat, and fiberglass. Pop out the foam ect. I like the styling of the...
  7. Take a guess

    ok what are the the modifications there are two in this picture
  8. rigid polyurethane foam

    who has used this product. for what purpose. and where is the cheapest place to buy it
  9. Bearnardi brochure

    could someone scan and email me a high quality large pic of the Bearnardi literature with the Black car in it thanks Dale
  10. i have resurfaced

    For those who don't know I have had my fourth heart attack a few weeks ago. I have been very ill for the last year. I have been so busy trying to survive since my bypasses a couple of years ago that I have not been on the forum for a while. This heart attack did damage this time I lost three of...
  11. disk brakes and speedo drive

    my speedo is driven off the front wheel so if I change spindles to disk brakes then what?
  12. clunky clunk

    My shifter has been relocated in the car. It works ok but the linkage seems loose it does not change gears smoothly. It just clunks as it goes into gear what can I do make it shift better. I also want to move it back another 6 inches. Not sure what to do.
  13. Cimbria door hinges

    I removed the headliner and found out its not as thick as I thought the pics will show From what I can gauge now its over an inch
  14. Cimbria door hinges

    As I shared in the previous post. My car has the early post style hinges. Could I get some pics of the latter more elegant version of door hinges. I want to change mine has anyone done this . Does anyone know what kind of structure in my roof that I need to be aware of. Any advice would be...
  15. google images

    I found an image of a red sterling with black louvers on the rear that the rear quarters have been elongated. Does anybody know anything about the car. i wondered if had been stretched for style or to hold a v-8. I printed a picture I found on google, but I cant get my scanner to cooperate...