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  • I just wanted to say thank you for the "like" on my post. It's very frustrating to keep posting my build only to have it ripped apart by critics. I can see why not too many members bother posting at all. I'm trying to jokingly coax the powers to be to lighten up a little and respect people's individual choices with our cars.....anyways, thanks again!
    I see you wanted a louvered front hood. I am taking mine to a very, very reputable fiberglass shop that has done some trophy winning work for Corvettes and the aviation industry. I am looking to see how much it would cost them to build a mold and build the louvered hood. Would you still be interested in one? And since you had mentioned you wanted a dash, I was thinking of taking the new and uncut dash that I have to them and see how much it would cost to reproduce that one too. Would you be interested? Is there anything else you need? I have all the original Cimbria SS parts for all the car, believe it or not, so I could pretty much provide all the parts to be re-molded. The issue, as always is the case, is the cost. :(
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