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  • It's got a pretty good warp right in the driver's line of site. During the day it isn't too bad, but at night it's like looking through a funhouse mirror at oncoming headlights. I'd let it go for $300 for someone looking just to get a car on the road, but if you plan on driving it on a regular basis, better to use a new piece of glass.
    I appreciate the offer on the tent help; that's taken care of, but I am looking for some sort of projection screen that we can show movies on later Saturday night (and possibly Skype chat with Mike McBride Saturday afternoon). I haven't looked locally to see what's out there, but if you happen to have one.. :)
    Hey there Mud! In response to your MerCruiser pump, yeah, I've got photos somewhere. I can either post a thread about it or send you the photos direct to an email address. 9 seconds is about right, though. I thought that was way plenty for the mass of the canopy. I usually ran it a second or two after it totally closed to make sure the canopy seal was "set" - it helped keep the rattling down!

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