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  1. STERLING CCC #309

    Awesome videos. Car looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  2. In Arkansas but sights aimed at going home to California sooner than later

    Very cool. I thought I was crazy by going with 19" wheels, but yours work well too. Are you going to lower it?
  3. Cimbria SS

    According to 3D CAD the chassis as shown in the model is 280 lbs which is not too bad.
  4. Cimbria SS

    Small progress this weekend. Tack welded roll bar in place so chassis is now 95% complete and now looks like my 3D model. Need to take off the body to finish welds and prime/paint the chassis.
  5. Anyone supercharged their 1600?

    Even well built VW will never match Subaru's reliability. And VW will never outperform Subaru engines as even base WRX 2.0 will deliver 227hp and stock STI is rated at 300hp. Even if you outsource harness it will cost you $550. The VW 2110 is rated at 150hp and cost over $3K to build. The VW...
  6. Anyone supercharged their 1600?

    Not sure if you are aware but subaru engine is all aluminum boxer (flat 4), so it has very low center of gravity. The aftermarket support for this engine is enormous and parts are cheap and readily available. Also this engine is like Lego's, different year parts and even engine types parts are...
  7. Anyone supercharged their 1600?

    VW 1600 engine weighs 220 lbs. The subaru engine weights 265 lbs with AC compressor and power steering pump. You also need cooling but radiator can be located upfront to even out weight distribution. So the net effects would be negligible between both setups.
  8. Anyone supercharged their 1600?

    I am proponent of subaru engines. Can buy entire car for under $1000, take out the engine and sell the rest to recoup the entire cost. That is how I got my first engine with 54k miles by purchasing post accident Legacy. Than all you will need is a Kenedy adapter plate for $550. In the end you...
  9. Buying a Sterling

    Doesn't hurt to ask, priorities change and wife's change their mind too.
  10. Buying a Sterling

    If you ever decided to sell it again let me know.
  11. Buying a Sterling

    I would love to get a GT as well. Would look good next to my Cimbria. I am surprised that you haven't finished the red GT. What's taking you so long? It's all there, plus you don't have shortage of parts.
  12. Buying a Sterling

    Out of Sterlings I prefer the 3rd gen or as some refer a GT. I believe you have a red one and few years back you sold a brand new untouched body. That car turn out absolutely stunning.
  13. Cimbria SS

    Red9 is not worth the money. It's designed with build in 2" drop, so it's not ideal for our cars therefore it does require modification. Getting it to US through exchange rate and customs would cost over $4k. That is way more than I spent on my entire rolling chassis. Plus for custom chassis it...