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  • Greg,
    It was nice speaking with by phone. Hope to run into you someday. Wishing you all the best with your recovery! If you ever need anything in the Ohio region just give me a shout!
    Hey Greg,
    What photos are disappearing? In the "owners car showcase"? They are still under the builders thread part of the forum; I'll have to check with Warren to see why they might be "disappearing". It may be he had a time limit installed for photos for some reason... try seeing if you can re-upload them to the showcase.
    hey greg,

    hows it going?
    I had a question in regard to the canopy on several sterlings Ive seen. This is also apparently the same in the s040 car. I was wondering if the canopy fitment was an issue with these cars as several I have seen apparently fit on one side, but are smaller (narrower) on the other showing the top siting inside the body lines on the other side.
    Do you have any knowledge on this? Im wondering how this would be corrected. Im not sure that simply adding glass would work as it might toss off the balance of the car making one side look like its at a different angle than the other.
    OK, but no thanks on the adapter. Im going mid engine with a manual trans suby FWD setup. The only thing I need to figure out is how to adapt the VW, or suby axles to fit the rear end of the car. Come up with a way to make the motor mounted, along with the trans. Im thinking I may need to make a motor mount off of the trans horns. and then tie that into the pan. But I want to make it modular so I can remove the entire motor and trans as a single unit.

    Thank you though.
    Well the vader costume is now for sale on ebay.

    Guess what?
    I landed a 1991 subaru legacy wagon with the EJ22E motor in it, for a whopping 60 bucks. And the car runs and is completely drivable. It has only a bad head gasket and overheats. Its only a 130 HP motor, but you can double your fun in a sterling. So that would be like a 260HP motor in an average car. With a few mods, I can get the power easily over 200.

    Pretty cool huh?!
    I pay for it, and pick it up on the first.
    Can I pay you via paypal if the vader sells? Ill ad in the extra fee from paypal if needed. its just alot easier to get you the money that way. Especially with my work schedule.
    Im planning on buying that roled V-6 sebring you have, provided you dont sell it before I get the funds raised. Its definately on my high priority list. Dont worry. Im trying!
    oh ok, 900 for no glass, damn, I was hoping for glass in it too, I have no idea how or where to get a windshield for it. or side windows. I was hoping to be able to keep the rain out if it had to go outside for any reason. I still want the car yes,.... but was just hoping the glass was included.
    And you said the hinges were there connected to the top but just no hydraulics right? All the body panels included as well minus the black tail light piece.
    hey unofun,
    I ned to know in total what youll need to deliver the car. I googled it and it said Im 357 miles from eugene. Also the car comes with all its glass right? I know you said the tail lights were expensive, I dont want the rear black panel part, Ill come up with my own rear lights.
    Let me know

    BTW everythings on craigslist now, waiting for buyers. LOL
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