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  1. AC Install Recap

    Haven't worked much on the car but yesterday I had to move it out of the garage and before I moved it back in I took these readings' Before After I think I have too much pag oil in the system. When I first started the system up the compressor was reluctant to turn over. It took a couple...
  2. Sterling #S009

    Still waiting for these parts to arrive. Tracking says it'll be here Saturday. Must be coming by mule train. Thats our USPS. Got the new windows cut and fitted. They're made out of polycarbonate, also called lexan. When cutting and sanding it doesn't melt like other plastics. Still need to go...
  3. Sterling #S009

    Waiting on the weather to warm up so I can lay some glass and get the front spoiler made. Also looking into changing the side windows a little. I'm looking into changing how they open and use a different hinge system along with a different open and closing system. Saw this and I was wondering...
  4. Wiper Wiring

    With the end of my build getting closer I've started to go through items that I wont be using. One of them is the original Bosch wiper motor that came with the car and I thought I'd answer my question on the motors wiring. This is the correct wiring diagram for it. Green is +low speed, Red is +...
  5. Tire Size Chart

    Shop tire sizes or what tires fit your rims or see the difference between tire sizes I'm thinking of changing my front tires to something wider and maybe taller.
  6. Sterling #S009

    Got the mold made. Excess glass has been trimmed off since these pictures were taken. Temps have dropped so making the part will have to wait. Thats ok though, I ran out of resin. Placed an order for more.
  7. Sterling #S009

    Started making the mold for the front spoiler. I had to use some old gelcoat that I haven't used for a while and after working with it I now remember why I didn't use it. It takes forever to cure and it doesn't harden completely I had to put it out into the sun for it to cure. I'll start laying...
  8. AC Install Recap

    Ran a quick test on the output of the AC system just to see if it still was working. Before After. Took about 1 minute to reach this temperature. I didn't have the gauges hooked up to see what the High and Low pressures are but I plan to do that next time I check the system.
  9. Sterling #S009

    Sounds like a good idea. Mounted that way you could use the hinges to adjust the height.
  10. Sterling #S009

    Got almost all mechanical and electrical done on the car. All thats left is body work and paint. I thought to myself If I hadn't changed the side pods it would be ready for paint right now. Started to get parts ready for paint or getting them ready to make molds off of them. Rear spoiler just...
  11. Battery Group Size

    Might help decide what battery will fit your application and whether you need the positive terminal on the right or left side of the battery. Scroll down till you see the battery chart. Click on the battery size you think will work and it gives size, positive terminal location and CCA of the...
  12. Modifications to mention.

    Not much posting is going on, so I thought I'd make a short list of some of the modifications that I've done for members to see what can be done. All of these mods have been posted on the install of them. (I think) Power steering Power Brakes Custom Dash Stainless Steel Canopy Lifting Arms...
  13. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Is there a specific reason for knowing the oil temperature.. I don't hear of very many people having that gauge in their cars.
  14. How much PAG oil to add to a AC system and how to add it

    Probably not very useful for most members but its something I came across that was useful for me.
  15. Sterling #S009

    The latest thing I'm working on is the sound system. You may ask what could be wrong with that. Well apparently some of fords sound systems don't come equipped with Fade control and on top of that there was no sound coming out of the rear speakers Yes the wiring for rear speakers was wired...
  16. AC Install Recap

    I posted the out come to this install in my build posts but not here so to save you the pain of looking for it there I'll let everyone know here that the system is up and running and is working great. When it gets hotter outside I'll take more readings and post them to let everyone know how the...
  17. Sterling #S009

    My days of going through pick a part yards and coming up with new ideas are coming to an end. I have just a few things left to do and then I'm going to call it done. It was one hell of a ride. ( over 14 years in the making) Trying out new ideas ( some worked , some didn't) Keeping motivated when...
  18. Sterling #S009

    Thats what she said. (just a little humor)
  19. Sterling #S009

    Yes it definitely had its challenges. Some fun, some not so fun I wasn't planning to do this install till the very last, but because the winter months were to cold this year to do fiberglassing I figured, what the heck it needs to get done so it turned out to be my winter project.
  20. Sterling #S009

    S009 Now has a functioning HVAC system Not really a hard test Outside temp Vent temp