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  1. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    That paint is awesome! Nobody’s going to miss that going down the road or at a show. Love it!
  2. Not mine, 1973 Cimbria SS KitCar $6,500
  3. You gotta see this

    I’d rock that but I’m weird that way 🤣
  4. Sterling 69 $3,500 OBO, Bethlehem, PA

    After much debating I decided to let it go. Sterling serial number 69 and completely rebuilt rolling chassis for sale -$3,500 obo. Might be interested in a beetle, buggy or vokaro trade (something smaller that will fit better in my garage)...
  5. Well that's an interesting Paint choice

    I saw a jeep painted like this and thought no one will miss a sterling at night in glow-in-the dark paint.
  6. Beautiful Aztec on eBay

    I've always liked these cars too and this is the nicest one I've seen. Photo uploaded NOT cooperating *very frustrated*
  7. 1966 shorty VW roller - $200 I figured one of you guys need a chassis for a buggy.
  8. Sterling Denver

    1976 Sterling Show Car Don't remember seeing this one before
  9. Some 70's inspiration, please feel free to add!

    I know it's not a sterling but I thought the pictures were cool deffently from the same era. Craziest Automotive Concept Ever, Lancia Stratos HF Zero, Bertone 1970 : theCHIVE
  10. So this little gem was waiting in my email this morning!

    Entitled "dude isn't that a sterling!" Sometimes having friends in low places is worth the entertainment value alone. The real question is who's car and way to not share eariler ;) The photo won't load I'll send it to Rick it needs to see the light of day!
  11. Sterling Kit Car VW based Volkswagen $1000, NY

    Sterling Kit Car VW based Volkswagen $1000 Sterling Kit Car VW based Volkswagen
  12. Anyone having issues uploading pictures?

    Since the site went back up I can't upload pictures it errors and says JPEG exceeds 20kb limit. I tried sizing the image down to almost nothing and it still wouldn't work. I've never been able to load multiple pictures from my iPad but this is the first time I've had issues like this
  13. A/c, defrost and heat(maybe)

    I looked through previous posts and may have missed my answer but Here it goes; Im looking for some help finding options for a heat/air/defrost system. I found a nice under dash unit that does air/defrost the same unit cames with a heat option but it's for a water system I don't have. So I'm...
  14. 1982 Bremen Sport Sebring II #386 Bethlehem, PA

    Well the wife and I had the "baby" talk the other day and I was very nicley asked to sell my Sebring...... Brian - (610) 509-8972 1982 Bremen Sebring Price: $1800 For sale is a 1982 Bremen Sebring. These cars came factory assembled and are very well built. The body is the thickest fiberglass...
  15. Barn fresh Cimbria on fleabay in SC
  16. Interesting Sebring $25,000 (North Denver)

    1972 Bremen Sebring (Scorpion) Fully Custom Kit Car Show Car Kandy Pur - $25000 (North Denver)
  17. Interisting car on ebay

    Ithe ad says it's a movie prop electric car I've seen it before just can place it. The face jet engines are awesome!
  18. Gas tank

    I pulled a late model beetle tank out of the sterling but due to rust and not knowing anything about it I want to replace it now before it becomes a headache. Anyway I have the stock brackets so if I go that route I'd use an early model beetle tank and weld a filler nick to go through the rear...
  19. Cimbria in Omaha -4,500

    Volkswagen Cimbria Kit Car Project
  20. Purple sterling in LA - 12,000

    A must see custom sterling kit car I like the color and the mods regardless of weather you like it or not appear well done. I want to see the interior looks like.