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  1. trans am twisted

    I took a pontiac trans am tail light section and flipped it tom to bottom then wired in sequential tail lights it fits the body lines real nice.
  2. remote control and universal shifter

    I have a remote controller on my car that raises and lowers the top, honks the horn, and sounds the security siren. It was purchased off ebay for 10 and came with 2 controllers. I had to use an Isolation relay because the pump draw and the horn draw (amps) would have fried the controller...
  3. 4x4 vs Sterling

    I had pulled up to a downtown restaurant and had gotten out of my Sterling, put money in the meter and was starting to walk away when I noticed a high sitting 4x4 about to park in the space ahead of my car. I watched with trepidation as he tried to parallel park his big rig. He started to back...
  4. Old timer

    Been involved with kit cars since 1972 and am still playing- I have number 076 sterling from CCC out of Oakland Calif. It has been finished- reworked- ignored, and ressurrected all the time I have had fun.