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  1. Side window latches

    Hi guys, I need some help.What latches are you using? please post pics and give suggestions. I have a pair that I bought a couple years ago that don't fit. This is for my Cimbria.*very frustrated*
  2. Subaru? VW conversions

    RJES - Quality Subaru Powered VW Components and Information Resource
  3. Saving money

    Why I can't save money.
  4. Oil leak

    Oil leak
  5. Conversion question

    What would be the conversion of 4.5 -5 kgs of pull to pounds of pull?

    Is it just me, Or has this forum kind of slowed down? Seems not too much posting is going on lately.*sigh*
  7. Oil cooler location

    I planning on changing out my fan shroud, which means I need to add an external oil cooler. My question is, Should the cooler be mounted high, or low? Or can I mount it over the air intake for the fan? Everyone feel free to comment:D
  8. How I spend my time in the garage

  9. Rubber trim and molding

    Plastic & Rubber Trim & Seals | Rubber Molding & Window Trim | Trim-Lok
  10. Brake light switch

    Ok, here's the deal. A month ago I had rear brake lights, and now I don't. I'm thinking bad switch, so I bypass the switch and I have lights, so I know the circuit is good. Next I hooked power back to the switch and hooked a volt meter on the other terminal, press the peddle and I've got power...
  11. Buzzing Relay

    The relay for my fog lights buzz's went I turn on the switch and the light dont come on. Any Ideas?
  12. Carbs

    I can get the engine to fire, but dies soon after. I've got fuel running to the carbs, but it does'nt seem to be filling the float bowls. I have duel webber IDF 44's. What I'm I doing wrong?*very frustrated*
  13. Let there be light

    Hazard flashers.
  14. Happy New Year

    *cheers* Happy New Years*cheers*
  15. Water transfer

    Water Transfer Printing - Hydrographics - Wassertransferdruck Process | HG Arts ( - YouTube
  16. Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving guys.:)
  17. My Cimbria SS Virgin

    Some pics.
  18. Need some help

    Ok, I've found most of the parts for my wiper system, Except one piece. I need the cam arm that connects the motor to the linkage. Anyone have one they would sell.
  19. Wiper system

    Wiper Motor Kits by EZ Wiring
  20. Electric actuators

    I thinking of putting electric actuators on my doors, because I can't reach them when I'm setting in the car. What size wiring should run to them?