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  1. Bernardi Fortvac for sale

    Needs work but good bones.
  2. Alternative to gullwing doors

    Butterfly door arrangements looks like a nice alternative for those with gullwing doors that want to remove stress from the roof.
  3. Sterling for Sale
  4. 1986 Sterling GT

    Very cool car. If it was closer I would probably make an offer on it.
  5. What is that
  6. Bernardi Fortvac for sale again

    May be 3rd time is the charm. Hopefully someone buys it and restores it properly.

    VW Bug, Type 1 IRS rear cotrol arms with drum brakes. Complete with spring plates. Has removable Chevy 5x 4 3/4" bolt pattern adapters. Excellent cindition. Price is for the pair.

    Very nice set of rare Western rims with tires. Front rims: 14x6 Rear rims: 15x8.5 Lug pattern: chevy 5x4.75 (5x4 3/4)* Front tires: 225/70/14* Rear tires: 275/60/15 I had them on my Cimbria but have two more sets so need to sell this one, $650 obo.
  9. Very unique kit car
  10. Camber Adjustment on IRS

    I lowered my car today to the height I like (sitting about 1/2" from top of untrimmed bump stop) and getting almost 3 deg negative camber at best adjustment. I was under impression that negative camber issue for lowered VW based cars is mainly related to swing axle suspension but apparently...
  11. Tube Chassis

    Came across this on thesamba forum. Looks like a nice option for someone that might want to replace their rusted chassis. :: VW Classifieds - Frame for dune buggy or rat rod project
  12. Wiper Arm

    Has anyone tried using single wiper arm from mercedes E190 or equivalent?
  13. Sterling

    Sterling Kit Car
  14. Sebring

    vw kit car corvette sebring (excellent) bad ass!
  15. Alternative Engine & Trans

    A friend of mine is building a manx buggy using Smart Fortwo drivetrain. He is planning to weld entire rear subframe with engine/trans and cooling in place of vw rear horns/suspension. This will give him modern drivetrain and suspension in one compact package. He will also use entire wire...
  16. 2001 Subaru 2.5L Engine with Harness $53K Miles

    Selling my just refreshed low milage Subaru 2.5L engine out of 2001 Legacy Outback. Removed from a one owner well maintained car that ended up in a small fender bender. Upon purchase I did a leak down and compression check, and all looked great. Engine was refreshed with new head gaskets, all...
  17. Seating position

    I would like to ask members to share their in car photos to gauge seating position vs various drop floor/pan sizes, seat types and driver height. This should be beneficial for future decision making. I will post updated photos of mine as soon as I put car body back onto the chassis. Cimbria SS...
  18. Bedliner in wheel wells

    Which bedliner would you recommend for wheel wells? I would like a smooth texture so that it wouldn't tap dirt. Also I would prefer a roll-on coating as it would provide thicker coats and no over spray. Thanks
  19. Primer Recomendation

    I was recommended Evercoat G2 primer to use on fiberglass body. So I was curious what others are using on their projects?
  20. Aquila with GN turbo engine

    Replica Kit Makes Aquila Gull Wing Gull Wing | eBay Very nice example. I wish I had extra garage space. Must be fun to drive. My friend was running high 12s on stock GN motor. In light fiberglass car it would run 11s.