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  1. More questions

    Many years ago I addressed the question of hood hinges by suggesting one looked at the older BMW E30 hoods, the release is at the front but pops up and foward in runners at the rear, then swings up from the rear so with a little geometatry on the arm lengths it could be made to pop up and move...
  2. STERLING CCC #309

    Headlights need boosting, very dim. Love the rear end but I would like to see some accents rather than totally black, a bit of stainless or chrome even if just tail pipes. and a rd cover on the rear light strip. What's the 'office' like?
  3. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Anything in the last 7 years?
  4. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    I always just buy a 12' of 1.5mm cable and cut to fit. The 'S' shaped front bir that 'hooks' into the pedal is easy to make from 2mm tube from hobby shop.
  5. Laid up but back in the 'shed' soon.

    Back from the hospital check-up and now a 'mucus infection' so lots of douching and antibiotics etc for a week. All my 5 a day tablets etc plus douche bottle and medicines' for it and some cranberry tablets for the wife, $30. Cost of hospital treatment, $0, cost of consultations, $0. eat your...
  6. Laid up but back in the 'shed' soon.

    One thing on my "win lottery" wish list is to visit you and some of the other guys. So be careful what you wish for. LOL
  7. Laid up but back in the 'shed' soon.

    I think the problem with the sinus fungus stared at a stable where there is a huge amount of horse crap about. 32 horses and ponies crest over 20 buckets of crap a day- and I was very close to a lot of it doing repair work. Much better now but still 'thick in the head' and bloody snot but...
  8. Laid up but back in the 'shed' soon.

    Been under the knife Wednesay and all good, got rid of the fungugal infection in the right sinus, yeasterday was NOT FUN, had to go and have the dressing removed from the sinus and cleaned up, having an endoscope, suction tube and forcepts up there at the same time hurt like hell, on a scale of...
  9. Cimbria SS

    Understood. and as we say, "Each unto their own", hope whatever you choioe will work well. I am not sure what chassis you are using so can't really comment further than regarding standard VW floor/chassis. Changing anything on that HERE would require an independent vehicle test costing about...
  10. Cimbria SS

    I have Wilwood 4 pot radials on mine, very, very good, 3/4" master needed.
  11. Cimbria SS

    I can understand that. Just remember the weight issue. You don't want it too stiff or it will bounce all over the road.
  12. Cimbria SS

    Don't forget ALL these ideas are for cars weighing a ton or more, the 500Lbs of a Nova/Cimbria/Eagle front end is very light, even with a radiator in there. The Red9 unit is designed for the light front end and OK it may cost a bit with shipping but they...
  13. Cimbria SS

    have you looked at Red9 units.
  14. Indent in the roof?

    You have to remeber that this is a 1971 designed car by Richard oakes and built by people on a on a tight budget, Estimated finished on-road cost 3,000 pounds., no fancy stuff, just basic VW and the body.
  15. Proper pedal box?
  16. Proper pedal box?

    I used a Locost assembly with triple cylinders that just poke over the chassis cross membeer and a roller peddel made from a skateboard wheel as it's wider than te one normally used. I did open up the distancees a bit but alll fit. In hindelsight, wonderful thing, I would have used pedalum...
  17. Body damage on bumps?

    Could follow Lamborghini and fit small rollers on the nose.
  18. Questions, questions, and more questions

    I can understand the need for speed and power pissing rights but that is not what the Stirling /Nova /Eagle SS is all about, it is the look and in my experience anything over about 120HP makes the car a bitch to drive with it prone to swapping ends the heavier the engine the grater the risk. A...
  19. Major upgrade to the Forum software! January 2021

    Congratulations on the new forum, looks good, I hope it fills up quickly, there are a LOT of Sterings out there and of great interest to us Cimbria and Eagle owners too.