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  1. Fortvac Bernardi For sale

    Before anyone else get the jump. Yes I am selling the Bernardi. If someone from the group wants to buy it let me know I will cut a deal. I hate to let it go but as my health is faltering I cant see holding on to it.
  2. The Viper 2000

    Well, a few of you know this was coming but I want to keep it under wraps until I had the car in my shop. And after a few hurdles and flaming rings the car is here. I did a quick clean out of the car but have not gotten too deep into it yet. My plan is to get it back in driving shape and let it...
  3. Bernardi 002 New home

    Hi all, Just thought I would let you all know it was I that bought the Bernardi from Ron. The car is great, due to bad Weather and some surgery I had to have, I didn’t have much time to drive the car yet. I live in Delaware so the car will be on the east coast. I also have a Bricklin and an...