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  1. WTB T-Tops

    I'm looking for a passenger side t-top insert or both side if need be. Anyone have any?
  2. Craigslist Cimbria SS - $5,000 (West allis)

    Kit car I inherited and know nothing about. Just would like it to go away
  3. Craigslist Sebring $8500
  4. Facebook Sterling
  5. Ebay Sterling
  6. EV Conversion Kit for VW / Porsche / Kit Car (Sterling)

    See the FB Ad Here
  7. 73 Sterling in Denver Area $15,000 73 sterling kit car. Canopy top. Rwd. Manual transmission. Built on a beetle body. Nothing else on the road looks like it. New electrics. Stereo. USB charger. Have build pics. Rare to see one of these in working...
  8. Fun with a Bikini Model

    I guess this qualifies as a Rock Star Moment. After our cars and coffee get together on Sunday morning, a few of us decided to head over to the causeway and enjoy a little sunshine. A local Website photographer / owner and one of his Bikini models ask if Walt (new owner of #114) would allow...
  9. 1973 Cimbria SS Kitcar

    Ad from ebay This is an unfinished project kitcar the doors open up like the DeLorean it has a Chevy Corvair engine in it with four carburetors, it's been sitting in my storage for years. The...
  10. 1977 Sterling Kitcar

    Ad from ebay This is a project car, I owned it for over ten years. I've done a lot of work and building customized pieces for the fiberglass body. The body is in very good conditions, just did...
  11. Sterling For Sale

    Found this ad on the Rare Car Network online Mag which features lots of kit cars. Sterling for Sale...
  12. Cimbria for Sale in Clearwater Florida The car body is pretty far gone, but it does have a windshield. I didn't see the windshield but I'm told it is in good condition. I just came from looking at it. The fiberglass is really really rough...
  13. How to build your own 200mph Supercar; at home in your spare time.

    This is so worth a watch! And we thought assembling a Sterling was a lot of work.
  14. 2021 Porsche

    The rear of the new Porsche opens like the front of Sterling. 6:22 minutes.
  15. 1977 Replica/Kit Makes Sterling

    If you're looking for a vehicle that gets a TON of attention wherever you go, this is the one for you. This Sterling originally came into the world as a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. The Sterling body kit is one of the original California Component Cars from 1977. In 2013, the paint was blasted down...
  16. Well wishes everyone.

    I hope you all stay healthy during this trying time. Be smart, be safe and take care of the ones you love. Be a good neighbor and a good citizen as we are all in this together. Well wishes to all of you. Roger aka ratrog64
  17. Scrapped Sterling oh nooooooo

    On YouTube
  18. Bremen Sebring Kit Car going to auction.
  19. Happy New Year Everyone! 2020

    I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2020. May all your Sterling dreams come true! Now get your asses out there and do something on your cars!
  20. 1979 Sterling kit car *Price Drop* Price: $2500

    This is an original Sterling built by California Component Cars in 1979 serial number 00771. The man I bought it from has owned it since 1985. It has been parked for many years. The motor and transaxle are out of it so a perfect time to swap in Subaru drivetrain. The car is complete and...