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  1. Rearview Camera & Display

    Anybody looking for a "rearview mirror" style digital display and camera system may want to look into this model: So far I've just played with it a bit in the shop, but it looks pretty cool. The...
  2. Office chair seats

    saw these online this morning...remove the arms and base and maybe they'd fit in a Sterling? who wants to be the first to try? I'm tempted! ;) I know the width says 21.6", but is that with or without the arms attached? I looks pretty narrow...
  3. Trapped Cat

    Might as well relocate the shifter now... Baby the cat is rescued from inside Volkswagen Beetle car after 24 hours | Daily Mail Online
  4. Circuit Breakers

    So, I'm trying to wire in the circuit breaker that I bought for my car, but it didn't come with any instructions (two bolts, how hard can that be, right?) and it isn't marked at all. Why do I care? Polarity. A fuse will work either way and so will a bi-metal auto-resetting circuit breaker...
  5. GM Alternators

    I can't believe there isn't a topic for Alternators here yet... So I'm trying to wire in my GM CS130 alternator (4 pins, not 2...but only 2 pins get used in non-factory installations like our cars), but it appears I need a "resistor" in the "L" wire since I don't have a "no charge" idiot light...
  6. Irish Nova

    So, I'm over here in Ireland on a family vacation trying to get us from some ruins, over the mountains and down to our hotel in Waterford when I spot a familiar rear end on the southbound M9 express way: a Nova! Yellow body and black canopy; driving about 100 kph in the left lane (slow lane over...
  7. 1987 Sebring in Mason City, Iowa

    1987 SEBRING kinda spendy, but looks nice
  8. Aztec7 in Wisconsin

    no motor or wheels, looks nice in the pix. kit car aztec 7
  9. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Hello all! I'm back! (again) *rock on* Many of you may remember my car from EuroNova: Euro-Nova - View topic - American V8 In July 2011 when I sold my house, I literally wrapped up my Sterling and put it onto a 26' car trailer and stuffed it into a 35'x15'x15' storage unit with 95% of my...
  10. "Print" body panels someday?

    WARNING!!! Minor "Skyfall" spoiler alert at the link! - voxeljet builds Aston Martin models for James Bond film Skyfall | 3D Printing news Now, for those of you that clicked ahead and read the link, just think how easy our customizing jobs would be if we could just design a body...
  11. Motus KMV4 Engine

    I was just reading the October 2012 issue of Car & Driver and saw a really interesting article on a new motorcycle engine being built by an Alabama company called Motus Motorcycles. It's a v4 and apparently has already been tested in a VW dune buggy! Um...that means SOMEONE has made an adapter...
  12. Cip1 sale

    Cip1 is having a pretty good "Facebook" sale online right now. complete IRS axles with CV joints for $70ea. California Import Parts Ltd. - | Facebook
  13. Wheels & Chassis for sale in MN

    Found these on Craigslist...a month after I convert to chevy lugs! :mad: volkswagen dune buggy parts and Cyclone western mags