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#244 for sale.


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Hello everyone. I recently bought this car. Don't think I'm gonna do anything with it. Have too many projects going.
What would be a fair price???
It has a running type3 eng and 4 speed.
Might just sell the car with out the eng and trans.
This site is hard to use. Guess I'm
Any ides would be appreciated. Not gonna post on market place.
The car is in NC
I don't know how to post pics
It would be better to text me. I don't get on the interwebb too often
330 541 7460. Says ohio but I won't change phone number it's in waxhaw N


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Hi there. I know that prospective buyers like to see photos. Photos aren’t too hard to post. Just click on that button that looks like a tiny framed picture of a mountain. I posted a photo of it below. You can do it from a desktop computer if you want but it’s easiest from a phone if you already have photos of the car on the phone. Yep, just click that button and then click where is says “ drop photo here or click here” and then select from the choices of where to find the photos you want. Feel free to experiment with it. It’s not too bad.


Hope this helps. 👍