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4x4 vs Sterling


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I had pulled up to a downtown restaurant and had gotten out of my Sterling, put money in the meter and was starting to walk away when I noticed a high sitting 4x4 about to park in the space ahead of my car. I watched with trepidation as he tried to parallel park his big rig. He started to back in and was over my hood when I hit my remote alarm and it went off grabbing everyone/s attention including the 4x4 3 inches from hitting my hood with his trailer hitch. He got out and was stunned that my car was there. He couldn't see it in his mirror and he did not notice it when he started to park. Thank god I have a remote for my car, with a panic button on it- cause I was in a panic.


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Ok,, Now I'm going to install remote roof top with panic alarm!!. Thank God you hit the button when you did!! :)


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When I go to the Mall I park somewhere a little bit out of the way so as to not have someone try and park on top of me. I soon realized that that was also a bad idea because I would come out of the Mall and find cars parked all around me with their owners gawking at the car. The alarm works at 200 meters- 600 ft or so and i always get people to back off when i push the remote. I also added a license plate frame that has a built in back up alarm for blindly backing out of a mall spot. I also installed a flasher on my back up light circuit so drivers can see that I am doing something.
It has saved me a few times. My remote has 4 functions - top up, top down, horn, and security alarm. It is fun to see little kids jump when I start to raise the top from inside a diner or down the side walk from the car.
Kinda like the superbowl commercial with the darth vader kid.

remote device- similar to mine-http://www.ebay.com/itm/190593255732?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
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