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Have you been fiddling again or is my new IE11 buggering things up, again? *nothing to see*
Attachments doesn't work and the 'quick links' seems to have vanished and in place there is 'todays post' only and was it 'participated' threads, can't see that either. *hmmm*


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I now know it is an IE11 issue. I fired up the forum in Google chrome and it is as I remember it. in IE!! the quick links has gone and 'new posts' appears also the 'attachments works in Chrome not in IE!!. you would think a company the size of Microsoft could get one of their hugely overpaid programmers to do the job properly for once!
Back to IE10


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:D Never. They just like screwing up perfectly good programming. The only time I use IE is if something isn't quite working in Firefox..