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Confused about my model


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I have recently accuired me what i believe is some sort of sterling kitcar and in many cases it looks like the sebring but in some areas it is different.

Is this a model produced like this or is it modified by previous owner?




Thx. in advance
Anders from Denmark


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Welcome aboard, Anders! I personally haven't seen anything like that. It's very likely it was a copy of a Sebring and fitted with Cimbria type doors that were modified. I'll do some searching; in the meantime you may want to join up here: Euro-Nova - Index page as that forum is the UK crowd and they will have far more information on the obscure copies of the cars. Cool find, though!



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No worries, Anders. I've posted a thread on there to get the thinking caps going. The more I look at it, the more I see a modified Sebring. Can you post closer photos of the door area, both inside and out? Can you see any evidence of "newer" fiberglass that would indicate the canopy being glassed in, and doors cut out? The only reason I'm thinking this is the door jambs are aging differently than the inside of the car - they look darker, but that might be just a seal I can't see. If it is indeed a modified Sebring, whomever did that had some mad glassing skills!


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I'm not sure if the canopy has been retrofittet solid to the body but I will inspect it when I get home to see if I can find evidence of that.

Though the door frame seems modified in some areas but as you said if its retrofittet the job is really high quality.

I lean towards a sebring modified as well.

Its pretty clear that the ducts in front of the rearwheels are retrofitted.

It actually looks like a body that has never been finished and it certainly has not clocked any milage.

I like the way the doors are and the fact that this body seems to be uniqe.

And fo those who think its blasfemi that the canopy is fused to the body I am truly sorry :)

But karma will catch up with me in the end when I will look like a complete ass getting in and out of that thing *hee-hee-hee**very frustrated*
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Don't be sorry! It's a very unique ride. One of the responses by one of the more learned members of the Nova forum suggested that it might have been derived from a model Nova that had been available in Belgium that had doors instead of a canopy. If that's the case, it's entirely possible that a Sebring had been imported to do the same conversion. If you're able, post photos of how the door is attached - is it hung to be a gull wing or a conventional door? Here's the link to the current discussion going on at EuroNova: Euro-Nova - View topic - Mystery ride

You've got a buzz going on with trying to figure out where it came from! Search everywhere on the body for some sort of manufacturer mark - a hidden business card, a stamp, anything!


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thanks for your help.

I will shoot a bounch of photos and post as soon as possible.

The body is currently sitting still in my barn as i have another project to finish first :)

I tend to bite off more than I can chew hehe *insane*

But eventually I'll get to it

Im kinda into odd and rare cars perhaps my parrents dropped me on the floor head first as a baby who knows hehe *kicked my butt*

Im currently working on a rare Citroen BX Gti 16 valve.

And on top of that I'm shining up my barn and garage so plenty of stuff to do and now when the winther is knocking om the door my project stall a bit.


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I just sent an email to euro-nova forum admin asking for membership as the have closed for automatic signup.

I hope they see it soon as I would love to participate in the discussion of my body.

It seems like it has cought som attention on the euro-nova forum :)


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Im starting to think more and more that what I have is a modified sterling sebring



Except for the canopy and the cutout for the doors these cars are identical to mine

There are some evidence to modification of the doors.

It seems lige the entire roofline inside is either unmodified or has an added layer of fiberglass and im leaning towords the last.


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Yep, should be interesting to see what else you can find on the car physically to tell what's been added. I'll follow up with Dan at EuroNova to make sure that he gets your sign-up info. I wasn't aware that there is a lock on automated sign-ups.



Sorry. Found the image associated with this thread while doing other research...and since it wasn't displayed...I thought *hmmm*