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Finally getting to build my dream.

Rob Sterling

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Well I found my diamond in the ruff. its a 1970 Sterling B-12 on a 68 pan. I will be picking it up this weekend. I have been doing alot of research on here and other social websites on these cars and can't wait to start the process. My first job is to go through the pan and clean it up and do a complete pan drop. I want to maximize my leg room and will be converting to over mounted pedals verses floor mount. I saw a few different members that have done the full pan drop. Would like to see pictures also. Was looking at 4x2 tubing to frame it out with. Any and all comments will be appreciated. I sat in a fully built Sterling with newer style seats and with the canopy closed my head was bent over sideways. I looked underneath the car at his pan drop and at the most it was 1.5" to 2" drop. So note to self allow more room. I will pre fit the seats I choose to make sure I am comfortable. I am mainley curios as to tire sizes. I would like to run a 18 19 stagger on this car. I am running a 19 20 stagger on my vette. I was just curious about backspacing and wheel width. I will be leaning on you seasoned veterans alot so be patient with me. Thanks


As per our conversation, below are some photos of my original perimeter frame.
Cimbria 100-070.jpg
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Rob Sterling

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I got set back a week from picking the car up but she is in sweet home Alabama now! Have been going through the boxes of parts. All new parts from 1975. Probably will not be using most of them.


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Rob Sterling

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Could I possibly get some pictures of any of you setting in your cars so I can see how your setting ergonomics are. Need some meat in the seat pics. please.